Jim Schlosser of Barbary Coast Productions will be the Executive Producer. Among his many awards, honors and production history, he teamed with Stienstra to win first place for America’s best outdoor recreation show, for the CBS/CW special, “Land of Smoke.” He is best known in the production industry for his work with SCRIPPS – FINE LIVING TV Network, CBS, NBC, and The OUTDOOR LIFE Network. He came up through the ranks as an actor in Hollywood, and in the process, learned the business from both sides of the lens. As Producer, Director and Cameraman, sometimes all-in-one, he has taken crews around the world to 17 different countries and nearly every state across the United States, successfully producing more than 750 segments over and in the water, on some of the most incredible and beautiful Class IV-V Rivers, Oceans, Bays and Lakes. These included, the Salmon River, the Colorado River, the Green River, ‘The Fu’- Rio Futaleufu in Northern Patagonia, the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, Lago Argentino/Perito Moreno Glacier in Southern Patagonia, the Straights of Magellan in South America, the Pacuare River in Costa Rica, the Inside Passage and Basket Bay in Alaska, and the Red River and Halong Bay in Vietnam.

On a two-month field production in New Zealand, at the America’s Cup challenge series sailing regatta, Schlosser shot and produced 25 adventure packages that were rolled-in during the live race coverage. In 2003 and 2004, at the Tour de France, Jim’s duties were similar, but with a demanding timeline of staying one day ahead of the race, producing – shooting – editing packages within 24 hours and then moving on to the next village. A production in Vietnam, covering the Raid Gauloises Adventure Race, ‘pushed the limits’, some days with no sleep at all, across miles of remote and dense jungle as they fought to the finish. Covering a three-week rafting trip on one of the five most difficult rivers in the world, the Rio Futaleufu in Northern Patagonia, required a solo journey with 15 containers of equipment on five planes, a four-hour van ride and a yak-drawn cart to reach the location, with the most uncertain leg being a flight over perilous Cape Horn. Foresight and creativity in all cases were requirements, not options.

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